Animate Silverlight 2 object from 1 line of code

In a previous post about how to create animations dynamically, I showed how to add StoryBoards from C#. I have extracted this logic into a class called SLAnimator. This allows you to do an animation from one line code, and a nice thing about this approach is it still uses the built in Silverlight Animation system.

Here is an example of the code to call the animation.
SLAnimator.Animate(this, rect, 100, 100, 100,1,1);

  • Container element
  • UIElement to animate
  • Time of animation in milliseconds
  • X of destination
  • Y of destination
  • ScaleX
  • ScaleY

This animation API is at it’s infancy, so I will continue updating as time permits. Feel free to download the class and give me your feed back.


Download the source
Working example

Get Microsoft Silverlight


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