Visual Studio 2008 theme

When I upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 I stumbled on Jon Galloway’s post about
Ten Tips for a Happy Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 (Release). The best, very best, tip was changing the theme.  The new theme I’m using has a dark gray background.  At at first this was a novelty and it was making me feel all 1337 while coding.  So I gave this new theme 1 week.  A week pasted and, to be honest, I was too lazy to change it back.  A week turned into a couple months, and before I knew it I am addicted.  It hit the other day when I was helping someone out.  The blazing white that I was so use to, almost gave me a headache.

There are the comments that come my way like “Do you really work like that?” or “How can you work like that?”.  It is honestly easier on my eyes and I can tolerate sitting in front of the screen longer (don’t tell management).  Really the only complaint I have is I miss the XML highlighting.

Give it a shot, download the theme.

Sample of code in the theme:

Class highlighting
JSON C# classes

Functions with values and enum highlighting
Create a rectangle code


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  2. Ryan Lanciaux on

    That looks like a pretty nice theme — I made one w/ a very dark grey background (but a little higher contrast for some of the other elements) but I tried to include the XML highlighting — perhaps you could merge the two themes?–Colors-EVER.aspx

  3. Fred on

    You may better give credit to the original author of the theme you are using. In case you don’t know who the original author is, check out

  4. cschuman on

    I certainly didn’t mean to leave out the original author, Rob Conery. This theme has changed my working life. Thanks for posting the link.

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