Silverlight and the NBA

imageToday when I was looking I noticed the headlining application was the NBA Website.  I HAD to click it.  All in all it was disappointing.  Granted, this is probably a preview application of things to come for the upcoming season, still, I was expecting more. 

A few thoughts:

1.) Why fullscreen?  It is a mistake to have features the user can only use in fullscreen.  This is a big problem.  The high-res images are great, but make the browser window resize instead of the SL piece.

2.) Use of the Hand cursor.  Clickable objects on the screen should have a visual indicating clickablity.  Just having an object on the screen is not enough to let the user know action can be performed on it.

3.) The animations don’t feel thought out.  Specifically the bottom right animation. Why is the bottom menu animating opacity and the transform?  It is nice to see some easing on the menus…they need to be tighter.

4.) Video.  Where is the video?  I know I know, this is probably a prototype to generate interest, but how cool would that be to have Video in this app.


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  1. cschuman on

    AND, why is this using Silverlight 1.0?

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