Another 3D example in Silverlight

After playing around with the previous examples (focal length and camera objects), I have combined the two into a new application.  This examples shows objects in a random star field floating in space.  Principles used in this example are:

  • Camera – to zoom in and out,
  • ZBuffer – to ensure the objects closest in the Z order are visually on top,
  • Fog line – gives the appearance the objects are coming from the distance.


Two particular controls to check out

1.) Click the Zoom In button (below figure), to start a loop that “zooms in”.


2.) Click the Move button to enable the move tool.  Once you have clicked this the cursor becomes an Hand indicating you can click and drag on the screen to move the objects around.  The technique I’m using for this is similar to a previous post – Drag and drop Silverlight example.


Again, many thanks goes out to Ryan for showing me how to do this correctly.  Instead of creating arbitrary values to the scale and Z; this example truly uses 3d math to render the images.


2 comments so far

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  2. Fallon Massey on

    Is there any code?

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